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25/04/08 - BSG Pack 2 - Cylon Fleet
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For millenia the human race lived on a small planet called Earth in an almost constant state of war. They believed they were enlightened, and above violent conflicts for no good reason, and yet their small world was never without war at any point in their history. They fought over such trivial matters as religion, money, and ice cream flavours. No excuse seemed too small for the humans to go to war over.
But above all else, they fought over land. Despite the fact that they killed each other so often, they still managed to breed to the point of mass overpopulation of their little world. So eventually, they had to leave.
And leave they did, forgetting their ravaged world and spreading across the galaxy like a plague. There was so much space for them to live in that they simply ran out of reasons to fight and for the first time in human history they were truly at peace.
Then the invaders came.
An unknown alien force who decided the human race had no right to occupy so much space. Space that they had claimed as their own many centuries earlier. The humans were unlike them, they did not speak their language or share their beliefs, so the aliens did not see any reason to negotiate. The space the humans occupied was their's, so they had to be removed.
Humankind's newfound peace came to an end, and they finally combined to become one united force ready to face their new common enemy.
So once more, war began...

Welcome to the hanger bay! Here you will find all the ships available for registered users to add to their Space Wars screen saver!
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Sector 20 (Mainly dark with purple star. Suns: 1 Purple) - Click Here For WINDOWS Download
Sector 14 (Mainly Blue, Large Planet. Suns: 1 Light Purple) - Click Here For WINDOWS Download
Sector 09 (Mainly Orange. Suns: 1 White, 1 Orange) - Click Here For WINDOWS Download
Sector 12 (Blue and Purple. Suns: 1 White, 1 Purple) - Click Here For WINDOWS Download
Sector 08 (Feature Nebula. Suns: Twin White) - Click Here For WINDOWS Download
Sector 03 (Multicoloured. Suns: 1 White, Multiple Coloured Dim Suns) - Click Here For WINDOWS Download
Sector 01 (Mainly Green. Suns: 1 White) - Click Here For WINDOWS Download


The Rigel system was originally the home of a military research base, but as the colony grew, and more of the population became tired of the ongoing war, it became obvious that this colony could not continue to be a part of the not-so-United Humans of Earth.
Govenor Wolfcastle, the leader of the colony, decided to split off from the main Human alliance and become an independant colony. However, supplies soon ran low once they were no longer being fed by all the other colonies. With a dwingling selection of ice-cream flavours available, Wolfcastle began to order attacks of trade routes, commiting acts of piracy to feed his citizens. Rigel 8 may not have had many farms, but they did have technology, and factories, and enough cybernetic / bloodthirsty types that could fill the pirate stereotype.
With the technological advancements discovered at the military research base, Wolfcastle was able to put together a fleet of well armed small craft, almost all of which are fitted with the cloaking device. This device renders the ships almost completely undetectable to all known sensor technology. The ships must de-cloak to fire, but by then it is often too late for the targets to see what's coming.
And so, mad with power and armed with his new found fleet, Govenor Wolfcastle has set out to take all he can from the main Human forces, and anyone else who gets in his way. He has declared war on the UHE, and they will not stand for it.
The citizens of Rigel 8 find themselves fighting for survival as they slowly gain ground on the UHE. These pirates will not go down without a fight.
So much for wanting a little peace...

(PIR8 Pack 1 - Click Here For WINDOWS Download - v1.5 of Space Wars required!!)
From left to right:
Gallah Class Fighter - A larger fighter with limited maneuverability, but as with all PIR8 ships, it has a cloaking device for sneak attacks. It's central cannons make it quite accurate in battle.
Parakeet Class Fighter - More agility and speed, but still relatively weak. The cloaking device is installed, however.
Cockatoo Class Fighter - Larger, with 4 deadly cannons, and, of course, the cloaking device.
Rosella Class Fighter - Most PIR8 ships are retrofitted for battle, but built for other purposes. This fast and agile craft was originally designed for intersteller courier work. With a double cannon, and a MISSILE LAUNCHER strapped to it's hull, along with the cloaking device, this little ship delivers nothing but pain.



(UHE Pack 4 - Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
Krait Class Fighter - SWS have attempted to improve the handling of this heavier fighter by connecting it's components with a series of magnetic fields, rather than actually bolting it together. The result is less need for inertial dampners, and a ship which packs quite a punch.
Boa Class Fighter Mark 2 - The UHE military thought they were on the right track with the Boa, so instead of scrapping it they slimmed it down, improved the power flow, and produced the mark 2. It's an improvement, but there is still room for more.
Tyranno Class Battleship
- The first true bohemoth of the Human fleet, this beast is almost 200 meters long. It carries several beam projection turrets, reverse engineered from an alien XM04 that crashed in the Tau Ceti system. It's bridge is over 3 storeys tall, and protected by an intense energy field, but the rest of the ship's bulk is taken up by massive generators to power the beam weapons. It moves like a slow witted dinosaur, but it can carve a moon in two once it's in position.

(UHE Pack 3 - Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
Boa Class Fighter - Designed to replace the aging Rattler, but the power required for the extra shields and weapons power make it slower than expected.
Adder Class Fighter - Smith's War Supplies stocks skyrocketed on the release of the Adder. Fast and furious, but there is still room for improvement.
Komodo Class Cruiser
- Lessons learned from the Goanna have been put into practice here. The Komodo is almost twice and big, twice and strong, and has almost twice as many weapons turrets. The huge resources required to build these things means they are in short supply.

(UHE Pack 2 - Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
Asp Interceptor Mark 3 - The latest in the Asp series is more like a tank than the earlier models. Speed has been sacrificed to make way for strength.
Viper Class Fighter - Built by engineers at SWS who seem to be nostalgic for the classic Earth war designs. Fast, but flawed.
Copperhead Class Fighter
- Specifically designed for patrolling nebulas, but heavy losses of the more standard fighters have made it necessary to bring the Copperhead into standard duty. Cumbersome, but strong.

(UHE Pack 1 - Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
Asp Interceptor Mark 1 - New engine technology means this ship is fast and manouverable, but has little protection. Simply put, it's a coffin with an engine attached.
Asp Interceptor Mark 2 - An improved version of the Asp, slower and less manouverable, but much stronger.
Cobra Class Fighter Mark 2
- The original Cobra is a favourite among pilots, and has now been upgraded for better handling.
Hawk Class Fighter - Originally a small freight vessel, this fighter has been retrofitted for war.
Python Class Fighter
- The first of the new designs being put together by Smith's War Supplies, a new weapons contractor from Rigel 7.

(Included with screen saver)
From left to right:
Rattler Class Fighter - An aging fighter with 4 powerful wing mounted cannons.
Cobra Class Fighter Mark 1 - Based on old Earth designs, this fighter can do battle in both space, and the atmosphere.
Goanna Class Cruiser - A medium sized cruiser with multiple laser turrets and powerful shields.



(AI Pack 5 - Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
X005 Class Fighter - Originally seen as a small, harmless probe, these weak, little, unmanned ships now have beam projectors.
X013 Class Fighter - Even faster than the X012, but the power consumption of the engines means they have standard laser weapons instead.
XM06 Mothership
- Huge and scary, these things were dubbed "Space Dragons" by a group of Human pilots after a spice session.

(AI Pack 4 - Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
X011 Class Fighter - Side engines funnel power directly into the front mounted weapons, compromising both speed and power.
X012 Class Fighter - Very fast, very maneouverable, very nasty. Beware the side mounted beam weapons.
XM05 Mothership
- Sure, it's slow, but it's also massive and absolutely riddled with beam turrets.

(AI Pack 3 - Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
X009 Class Fighter - Looks meaner than it is.
X010 Class Fighter - This slow ships has dual beam projecting turrets. Previously only seen on motherships, these turrets make it particularly nasty.
XM04 Mothership
- Large and lumbering, BP turrets run along it's spine and underbelly. Direct attacks at the large engines at the back, if at all.

(AI Pack 2 - Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
X007 Class Fighter - Faster than previously seen fighters, but weaker too.
X008 Class Fighter - Human scientists believe this design suggests the aliens are insectoid. But who knows...
XM03 Mothership
- Larger, faster, stronger. Each newly discovered Alien Mothership seems to be more powerful than the last.

(AI Pack 1 - Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
X003 Class Fighter
X004 Class Fighter
X006 Class Fighter

X017 Class Fighter - Nicknamed "The Fork" by Human pilots, this ship has smaller versions of the Alien beam weapons.
XM02 Mothership
- Slightly larger than the XM01, and no less deadly. Attacked from behind is not advised.

(Included with screen saver)
From left to right:
X001 Class Fighter
X002 Class Fighter
XM01 Mothership - Not the largest Alien mothership, but with so many powerful beam weapons, it is very deadly.


Want more ships? Below are ships that don't fit with the story, but you may like to see them involved in the action anyway!
Many of these "other" ships are made by users like yourself. If you like to make low-poly space ships and want to have them included, please drop us an email and we'll see if what you have is suitable to add to the war! Email us first with a description, and wait to send attachments when we have responded.

Please note: These ships have been sent in by users and fans. We can not always verify if they have made them themselves or where they are from. If there is anything here that you own and do not want to be included simply send us an email and we will remove it immediately.


These ships are based on fantastic models made by a very talented artist known as Coxxon. Full credit for an outstanding job well done!
They are inspired by the TV series Battlestar Galactica (BSG), which is quite possibly the best drama series on television. If you haven't seen it, go and buy the DVDs! You will not be disappointed!

(BSG Pack 1 - Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
Colonial Fleet Ships
Viper Mk II, Viper Mk VII, Raptor, Colonial One

(Starfleet Pack 1- Click Here For WINDOWS Download - v1.5 of Space Wars required!!)
From left to right:
Cylon Fleet Ships
Raider, Heavy Raider (with missiles)

(Starfleet Pack 2- Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
Voyager NCC-74656, Excelsior NCC-2000, Shuttle

(Starfleet Pack 1- Click Here For WINDOWS Download)
From left to right:
Enterprise NX-01, Enterprise NCC-1701A, Enterprise NCC-1701D