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Well folks.. I've always thought putting alot of boring info up on the web about oneself is kinda lame. I mean who wants to know what peoples favourite pair of socks taste like?? Or how many goldfish you can shove up your nose without sneezing??

But I have had a few emails asking how many goldfish I can fit up my nose without sneezing and general suggestions that I put up some info about myself. Well who am I to argue. So here goes... Now be warned, when you read this and get bored stupid, pass out, fall face first into your cornflakes and drown, don't blame me.

NAME: Robert D. Bennett (the D stands for "moron")
LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia
BIRTH DATE: 13th March, 1977
OCCUPATION: None. Running this site and constantly working on new stuff has become more than a full time job, but without the pay. I wonder how that works... Eventually I guess I'll have to get a job, but I don't know what I want to do. Maybe I should start work on my novel and hope for the best...
PREVIOUS WORK: 1996 - 2001: Internet Access Australia (which was taken over by Asia Online in 2000(??)). Over the years I did everything from phone support to web design to router configuration to network management, whatever the hell that is. I quit in 2001 because I hated it and you could just tell from the way the company was run that it wasn't going to be around for much longer. I mean, when the trained monkeys who run it spend all their time picking fleas off of one another, you just get a feeling somethings going wrong. A few months after I left it went out of business.
QUALIFICATIONS: None. Self taught programmer. Don't tell anyone but I think I failed High school... I never actually went back to check tho.
VEHICLE OF CHOICE: 1970 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. You're jealous. I can tell.
FAVOURITE MOVIE: Undecided. Some contenders would be: A few of the Bond films, the Star Wars Quintology (Pentology?!), The Dark Crystal, all 3 Indy's, the BTTF trilogy, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs.. Too many to mention now that I think about it.. Can't you tell by my reviews that I like almost everything?
FAVOURITE BANDS: Counting Crows, Blink-182, Matchbox Twenty, Green Day.
FAVOURITE TV SHOW: Of all time? Doctor Who. But some other faves are: The Muppet Show, Futurama, Black Adder, Lost, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Bottom, The Young Ones, and best of all: Buffy / Angel!! I can't get enough! What's wrong with me??
FAVOURITE COLOUR: Oh come on. Who cares??
FAVOURITE FOOD: Deep fried Thylacine from KFT.
SPECIAL SKILLS: I can juggle! Only 3 balls tho, no flaming kittens.
SCARIEST MOMENT: I was once attacked by what I thought at the time were a pack of rabid thylacines who wanted revenge! But it turned out they were just a bunch of stripey dogs who liked eating soap powder. They were still after revenge, but it was new extra strength Revenge, the best soap powder money can buy. Some say Revenge is best served cold, but in hot or cold water you can easily get Revenge on stains! Buy now and get this handy blow up goat absolutely free!
PET PEEEVES: Writing stupid websites full of information about yourself. And spiders.

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Lock up your livestock! It's no wonder supermodels swoon at the sight of me! Sure, usually I'm beaten by security guards before I get that close, but still!
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