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Need Help Downloading Your Registered Program?

This page should help you get hold of your full registered version, incase you're in need of a little help.

When you registered, an email was sent to you with a link you can use to download the full version. The link in your email is just for you, so you need to keep it safe and not share it with anyone.

If you used PayPal, the email was sent to your main PayPal email address. Make sure you check that email account so you don't miss the email with your download link.

If you used eSellerate to register, the download link is at the very top of the email you received, under the title DOWNLOADS. Click that link to download your file.

Once you open the file you downloaded, you should see 2 files inside. One is the screensaver file itself (the .saver file), and one is the readme.htm file with instructions on the screen saver's settings and stuff like that. You should be able to open the readme.htm file by just double clicking on it, however if that doesn't work you may need to drag the file out onto your desktop or somewhere else temporarily and then double click on it to be able to read the readme.htm file. It's always worth having a look at this file so you know what settings are available and how to use the screen saver properly.

To install the screen saver, first make sure you DO NOT have System Preferences running, otherwise you wont be able to replace the trial with the full version. So close System Preferences before you try and install. To install, you usually just need to double click on the .saver file. Or, you can copy it to your /Library/Screen Savers/ folder. Then open up your System Preferences and select the screen saver from the screen saver list.

If for some reason you think you're still running the trial version, or you're still getting please register messages, then it means you haven't installed the registered version properly. To be totally sure that you have the full version installed, you can first delete the trial .saver file from your /Library/Screen Savers/ folder. Once it's deleted, then install the full version as above.

Then just sit back, watch the screen saver, and avoid doing any work!

Need More Help?

If you've lost your download link or have some other problem downloading, please let me know by filling in the feedback form. When you fill in the form PLEASE GIVE AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE. Remember, I can't see your screen, so a message that simply reads "it doesn't work" will not get you a helpful response. The more detail you give me, the quicker I can help you.

Click here to fill in the feedback form asking for more help.