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So you want to upgrade to the latest version?
Or maybe re-download your registered version?

If you've noticed an update has been released, and you've already registered the old version, don't panic!
Same goes for if you've lost your full version for some reason.

Remember when you registered you got an email with a download link that probably told you to keep that link safe for future use, well this is why it said that!

All you need to do to upgrade to the latest version or re-download your full version is download it again from the link you received when you registered, then install it again.

Easy as that! That's why it's so important to keep that link safe!

Enjoy it!

Need More Help?

If you've lost your download link, you can fill in a request to have it re-issued, but we can only re-issue registrations that have been made in the last 6 months. This is why you have to keep your link safe! It aint that hard, boys n girls! Print it out, or tattoo it to your cat, or something!

Click here to fill in the lost registration form.

If you have some other problem downloading, please let me know by filling in the feedback form. When you fill in the form PLEASE GIVE AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE. The more detail you give me, the quicker I can help you.

Click here to fill in the feedback form asking for more help.