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Download The Full Versions Now!
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Usless Telnet - The 3D Telnet Client

for Windows
v0.2beta - 30th September, 2000
Robert Bennett
ICQ# 14073622

Click here to download (57k)

Click here to download the old version 0.1 (47k)


  On the start up screen you can select the display and window modes by
  clicking on Display Mode or Window Mode (confusing isnt it?)
  You enter the host address by clicking on Host Address.
  When you're ready, click on Connect.

* v0.2beta RELEASE NOTES (new release): Wow. When I released the original version of UselessTelnet I expected no interest at all. Was I wrong or what?? There was interest from day one and once it was mentioned on SlashDot the damn thing went nuts. So anyway this is a quick update. It now has 2 modes: the original Star Wars mode, and the new Matrix mode, which is even more useless than you can possibly imagine! Enjoy!
* v0.1beta RELEASE NOTES (old release): 1 of the things I get the most emails about is the settings screen on the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Unoffical Screen Saver. Basically it displays the info about the screen saver in a scroller like the start of Star Wars. Aparently its impressive. I work for an ISP and use telnet almost every day of my life. But telnet is always pretty boring. So, long story short, I thought I'd combine the two! UselessTelnet is a 3D telnet client that displays its output like the scroller at the start of Star Wars. Why? Well why not? What more could you expect from I've found its great for running a Unix version of Seti@Home on. Just have the output scrolling away in a galaxy far, far away.. or something. I've also been told its good for command line chat programs like Goofey or some of the Unix ICQ clones. It requires Microsoft's version of OpenGL which comes with most versions of Windows these days. If you get errors about DLLs missing (usually if you've got the original version of Win95) You can download it from: Anyway if you find a use for it. let me know! If you like it, hate it, spot a bug or wanna see developement on it continue, send me an email! Enjoy! * KNOWN PROBLEMS Well, I wrote this some time ago but never released it. But I decided that its pretty useless so theres no real point finishing it unless people want to use it. So this is a beta version to see if there's any interest in it. So.. its partially VT100 compatible but not completely. I wouldn't recommend trying to use vi under it. It aint fun. * VERSION HISTORY 0.2beta 30/09/2000 Second release - New startup interface. - 2 modes: Star Wars and Matrix. 0.1beta 17/06/2000 Original Release - Star Wars Telnet.

Brought to you thru the ongoing magic of OpenGL!

This program is Copyright Robert Bennett 2000.
This software is FREE and may not be used for profit.
If you like and use it, send me an email!

This program is provided as is. The author takes no responsibility
for any damage that is done to your system thru it's use.
It works fine for me! If it doesn't for you, it aint my fault!
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