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Download The Full Versions Now!
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WANT MORE 3D SCREENSAVERS? Sure you do! There's too many to show you all at once! So select one from the drop down box below!

Now you can get everyone know that you're useless at heart! Prices start from just US$9.99! Click the image of the design you're interested in for all the colours, and styles available!

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100% Useless design
Tell all those people who have been wondering about what percentage your useless-ness has reached, and look fabulous too!
Perfect for job interviews!

Mmmm Beer!
You love the Mmmm Beer! screensaver, now parade around in the official t-shirt!

Go Probe Yourself
Them aliens think they can just probe anyone!
Make sure the next time you're abducted they know where they can stick their probe!

GoatBusters design
I aint 'fraid of no goat!
When goats run rampant and overthrow society, who ya gunna call?

Get Off My Goat design
Let everyone know that you wont stand for them messing with your goat!
Just the thing for your big date with that livestock lovin' guy or girl!

Moolah! design
You gots ta love da Moolah! Let everyone know just how cheap you are!
You'll look a million bucks! Or.. well.. 10 bucks anyway...
(The pattern in the dollar sign and writing is US dollar bills)

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