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Download The Full Versions Now!
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For Win95/98/NT
ICQ #14073622

Click here to download! (260kb)

Um.. just Unzip it to a directory, run it and off you go!

Find a friend on the net. One of you goes to NETPong!->Listen and waits. The other goes to NETPong!->Connect and enters the IP ADDRESS of the other persons machine then clicks ok. Then sit back n get retro. Control the paddle with your mouse. The object is to hit the ball back...

If you don't know your IP address to give to the person who wants to connect to you, you can find it by going to a DOS prompt and typing: winipcfg
(or in NT its ipconfig)

Press enter and a little window should pop up telling you what your IP is.

Please note: If there's alot of net lag between you and your oponent it will be slow and probably unplayable. Its probably best played on a LAN. (Altho I've had some fun games with ppl on the other side of the planet)

To set the speed select Options from the NETPong! menu and adjust the speed til its just right. Please note that the server controls the speed for both ends.

Release Notes
I started to write this a loooooong time ago to see if I could get a program sending and receiving info over the net. I had some fun testing it so I rewrote it to make it alittle more stable and added some quick scoring and this is the result.

Thats it basically. It's not very exciting but there was something wierdly addictive about it so I thought I'd release it. I very much doubt much more work will ever be done on it. It's basically just a test but it should lead to other net stuff in the future.

Let me know if you like/hate it!


v0.2 notes: Had requests for speed control. So here's a verion with a speed control!

This program Copyright Robert Bennett 2000.
This software is FREE and may not be used for profit.
If you like and use it, send me an email!

This program is provided as is. The author takes no responsibility for any damage that is done to your system thru it's use. It works fine for me! If it doesn't for you, it aint my fault!
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