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Download The Full Versions Now!
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4th April, 2000
ICQ# 14073622

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Click here to download! (621k)


To install, simply copy the "South Park 3D Spectacular!.scr" file to the windows folder (normaly C:\WINDOWS). Then go the Display options in Control Panel and in the Screen Saver section select: South Park 3D Spectacular! Then sit back, munch some Cheesy Poofs and enjoy!

To remove simply delete the "South Park 3D Spectacular!.scr" file from the windows folder, but why you want to do this is beyond my comprehension.


To get to the settings screen go to Display options in Control Panel and in the Screen Saver section click on Settings.

Polygon Resolution sets how many polygons make up the characters. The higher its set the better he looks but the slower it'll run.

The Size option lets you set how big they'll be on the screen. Bigger is slower cos um.. it's bigger.

If you've got the PC power stick both options all the way up.

The Sound check box lets you turn sound on and off. Obviously.

The Delay between characters lets you select whether its a short or long pause between changes. Note that if ya set it too short you might miss stuff.



This is basically a bugfix version because its already been 4 months since the very buggy version 1.0 was released (well it wasnt that buggy but it had some annoying ones).

Main bug was the one where if you had sound turned off Kenny would still scream when he died. This was an accident but I absolutely pissed myself when I started getting emails about it!

I've had nothing but positive responses to this screen saver. I'm glad so many people like it. It was featured on the front of for over a week, and as a result it was downloaded about 100,000 times in that first week!

Anyway if the positive response continues I'll finish off adding some more characters for v2.0 of this beast.


PS. I'd like to apologise to all those people who downloaded the butchered version of this. Some ficticious version 1.3??? It included some lotto scam and buggered with your homepage settings. THIS WAS NOT DONE BY ME!!! I put a stop to it as soon as I could. I spoke to and they assure me it'll never be allowed to happen again. Lets hope.


Well about 5 months ago to the day I released The Eric Cartman 3D Extravaganza! and I'm happy to say it was quite popular.

After it was listed on the front of it went kinda sick and by last count has been downloaded afew hundred thousand times!!

Well... I was impressed.

Best of all I had a record amount of emails that simply read:


Then I had a shitload of emails saying:

"Do Kenny!!"

Then I had afew complaints from people who had trouble running it. (Some were quite abusive. It was cool! Altho.. complaining about free stuff doesnt quite make sense to me...) Turns out some people were running wierd ass video cards that didn't like it and bits of Cartman were see through or something. I never saw it myself but I had enough complaints to get me worried.

So I started it again from scratch using VC++5 instead of BCB4, sent a copy to the complainants and got positive responses. Which was sweeet.

So I did Kenny and made him die brutally. Then thought, "I've done this much I may aswell finish it off."

So I added Kyle and Stan.

And here it is just in time for Christmas!

It uses Microsoft's implementation of OpenGL which comes with all versions of Win95/98/NT except for Windows95a (I think), so pretty much everyone should already have it. But if you need it you can get it here:

You'll know if you need it cos you'll get some kind of DLL error. Something like GLU32.DLL or OPENGL32.DLL is missing.

Hope you all enjoy it.

If ya do, email me!

If ya don't.. well then I'll kick you right in the nuts!!
But you can still email me if you want.

If ya spot any creepy crawlies let me know. I got kind of confused when I was debugging and I'm kinda paranoid that I forgot to turn something back off/on...

As with everything else I've done (visit the website for more) if I get a good response I'll try and add more. But we'll have to wait and see. (I'm sick of the sight of Cartman's fat ass.)

Merry Xmas n all that. And I hope you all get to see this before the Y2K thingy destroys the world. I'll see you all in the queue to loot the TV store early in the new year.


PS. Cartman's now even noisier. So crank up the volume and annoy your co-workers!


1.5 04/04/2000 Second release. Mainly bug fixes.

Fixed alot of bugs. Including Kenny's scream when sounds turned off. Kenny would also just hang in the middle of the screen after he died. Fixed. Added UC logo cos its all about branding, people!

1.0 23/12/1999 First version of the South Park 3D Spectacular!

- Now features Cartman, Kenny, Stan, Kyle and more.
- Characters now blink and their mouths move when they talk
- Each character has a random event type deal.
(YES boys and girls. Kenny does die)
- Complete re-write from scratch. Now done in VC++5.
Some video cards didn't like the old version and displayed Cartman partially transparent?? Never saw it myself but I had alot of complaints.
(Actually I got shitloads of abuse about it.)

1.0 24/7/1999 Original Release - The Eric Cartman 3D Extravaganza!

- Just featured Cartman.

SOUTH PARK and all associated characters are Copyright Comedy Central.
The screen saver itself is Copyright Robert Bennett 1999.
This software was made as a tribute to SOUTH PARK.
No copyright infringement is intended.
This software is FREE and may not be used for profit.
If you like and use it, send me an email!

This screen saver is provided as is. The author takes no responsibility
for any damage that is done to your system thru it's use.
It works fine for me! If it doesn't for you, it aint my fault!
This product is not guaranteed to save your screen from burn in or any
other form of damage. (eg. painting it the colour of a cheesy poof and
feeding it to a fatass)

Brought to you thorugh the magic of OpenGL!
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