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The Amazing SpiderMan 3D Screensaver
Version 1.7 - 17/06/2003
Robert Bennett

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If you'd like to use the Spider-Man skin in The Sims click here.

Release Notes (v1.7):

Quick updated to add better multi-monitor support. I'm slowly going to do this on all my stuff. Maybe.

Release Notes (v1.6):

Minor update to fix some bugs that were annoying me and make some tweaks. See the version history for full details.

Release Notes (v1.5):

When I was first doing this screensaver I planned to have cars driving up and down the streets, but in the end I decided it would slow the thing down too much and that I'd spent too much time doing this thing already.

But cars on the streets has been the most requested addition, so I've spent a few hours adding some basic traffic in the city. Even the basic cars I've added will slow it down on old systems tho, so I've also added the option to turn them off.

Then ofcourse I was sitting back watching the cars and Spidey doing his stuff and I realised that I had the cars driving on the right side of the road, the left side. And that in the US they drive on the wrong side of the road, the right side. So I started again and fixed it up. Then I went and had a lie down.

Also, because I'm such a nice person, I've added the ability to change the screen resolution when the screensaver is running. This should also help those of you who have older hardware and are having trouble getting it to run at a nice speed. Most of you wont have to worry about any of that tho, since I have what is considered a pretty pitiful system by todays standards and it runs perfectly smooooothly for me.

Just for your info I am running an oldish Celeron processor and a pitiful TNT2 video card. If you have less than that you'll struggle even more than I do to get todays games running smoothly, and this screensaver will probably be a little slow.

I'd like to thank all of you who have been kind enough to email saying how much you enjoy this little piece of uselessness. It's been more popular than I could have ever imagined and I'm really glad everyone loves it so much. Almost makes wasting 100s of hours putting it together all worthwhile.

Oh and for the usual minority of negative nerds who have to email and complain let me just remind you that you didn't pay for this, I get nothing out of it, I owe you nothing, and you're lucky I made this thing at all. So there.

Now lets all go hug some livestock. Or something.


Release Notes (v1.1):

Just a quick update. I had emails from a few people wanting music. I was originally going to include music but couldn't find a decent midi file. But then I was emailed a cool midi of the theme from the old 60s cartoon by someone who really wanted this thing to have music. So big thanks to Anindya Lahiri for sending in the file. And thats who you can blame when you can't sleep at night because you can't get the damn song out of your head!

Release Notes (v1.0):

When I first saw the trailer for the new Spider-Man movie it was almost a year ago. It was the one with the web spun between the twin towers of the WTC. Very cool trailer. And I instantly wanted to do a screen saver of Spider-Man swingin' thru the city, but at the time the idea of having a moving human in 3D was a bit of a problem.

Then later I found a cool skin of Spider-Man for the game "The Sims" and I started to look more in to loading Sims and other meshes as a way of having a 3D human type character. I discovered that the Sims file format is a plain text file thats really pretty simple to load. So I had the 3D human. I fiddled round and coded my own key-framey type animation for the model and the rest is history.

So Spider-Man in this screen saver is actually a slightly modified Sim. If you're not familiar with the game The Sims I suggest you check it out. It's a nice non-violent alternative to regular gaming! Go to for more info.

Anyway I tried contacting a few of the different people who'd made cool looking Spider-Man skins for the Sims. I did not get one reply. I guess they're all too snooty to bother with someone asking to use their stuff. So I ended up doing my own skin. And I think its probably just as good, if not better than the ones I found so it turned out for the best. If you wanna use the Spider-Man Sims skin in your game you can get it from here.

This screen saver took heaps longer to do than I expected. To get all the animation happening and the city and all that. But I think the result is pretty damn nifty. Just so you know the city is randomly generated so it'll be different each time. All his moves are selected randomly and the cameras are all random aswell. And the bit I think is best is the sky. Randomly generated cloud cover. You probably wouldn't notice it without being told. But without the sky it looked pretty lame. I've made the sky a sort of sunset-y colour because thats how it seemed to look on the posters for the movie, and because I think it looks coooool.

I'll apologise in advance to die hard Spider-Man fans. I've never read a comic, and I haven't seen the cartoon or anything in a long, long time. So his movement might not be perfectly Spider-Man-ish. I've tried to copy it off the trailer as much as possible, but mainly I've just done what I think looks good.

Please note also that on my PC, which is just a celeron with an old TNT2 video card, this runs nice n smoothly. But you probably wouldn't want it to run any slower. So you'll probably have to have a 3D accelerator to run it properly, but no PC's are sold without them these days. If you have a slower PC you may get wierd responses. I didn't have time to code in any speed error checking to stop him over-moving on slow PCs. Most people wont even notice. But there's always someone with an old 286 who'll complain his leg bends strangely...

Anyway as usual, let me know if you like/hate/use/poke/lick/sneeze at this thing! If I get a good response I may add to it. I coded a few animations and stuff that I never actually used because the whole thing was taking too long to complete, so there is more to it that I wanted to do. But we'll see. No one may even use this thing.



1.7 17/06/2003 Minor Update
Added better multi-monitor support.

1.6 20/08/2002 Minor Update
Can't recreate the problem but some people who had large fonts turned on had a wierd looking Settings screen. Should now be fixed.
Can't recreate the problem but some people said they had problems when their power saving kicked in. As I can't recreate it I'm not 100% but I think its fixed.
Made some optimisations that should speed it up a bit for some people (it did for me).
Random problem where the city would zoom away into the distance should now be fixed.
Some movement changes due to popular demand.

1.5 24/06/2002 Major Update
Lots of little fixes and changes.
Added traffic hoonin' round the city.
Added ability to change screen resolution.
Setup install program to put the music file somewhere so the program can always find it. This should solve problems where some systems can't find the file.

1.1 20/05/2002 Minor Update
Fixed some small bugs I forgot about.
Added background music.

1.0 18/04/2002 Original Release
Spider-Man swings thru the city, climbs walls, and basically just acts like Spider-Man.
Lots of random camera angles n stuff.
Randomly generated city.
Randonly generated cloud cover in the sky.

Brought to you thru the endless magic of OpenGL!
Spider-Man and related stuff is Copyright Marvel.
The screen saver itself is Copyright Robert Bennett 2002.
This screen saver is meant as a tribute to Spider-Man, no copyright infringement is intended.
This software is FREE and may not be used for profit.
If you like and use it, send me an email!
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