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This is the WINDOWS version.
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DaVinci Encoded 3D Slideshow Screensaver
Version 1.0 for WINDOWS - 14/05/2006
Robert Bennett

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It's easy! Put all the jpg, gif and bmp files you want to display in a folder somewhere on your PC and remember where you put them.

Now go to the screensaver settings as explained above.

Once on the settings screen for Da Vinci Encoded 3D Slideshow Screensaver, click the big button below "Folder To Load Images From".

A dialog box will open up that lets you select a folder. Find the folder with your images in and select it. Then click OK.

And that's it. If you have selected a folder with the correct type of images in it (jpg, gif or bmp) the screensaver will now display them. You can now set the picture delay and other options to whatever you like!

Note On File Names: The code is made up of the characters in the name of the image. So if your image is called Fred.jpg, the code with be made up of F, r, e, and d. Keep this in mind when naming your images! The filename is also what is displayed if you have the option selected to display the image names. So basically, if your image is called IMG3001.jpg, it wont make much sense, and the code wont look as good.


Ok, so like everyone else I read this book a few months ago, and loved it. Great story.

And I've had a few people requesting a related screen saver, but I didn't have any good ideas. Then I thought of this, and decided to do it.

What happens is that characters fly aroudn the screen in a cloud which morphs between different views of an image, or between different images. It's so hard to explain, but it's so nice to watch!

But I thought it might get a bit boring if it only displayed Leonardo da Vinci's artworks, so I made it so you can display whatever images you want. If you'd prefer to see supermodels in bikinis appear in the code, or you Aunt Gladys' prize winning turbip collection, then go for it!

As with everything, if you spot any bugs let me know!



v1.0 - 13th May, 2006 - Original Release
Images appear out of a code created from their titles.
By default, it displays images of Da Vinci's art, but you can display whatever you like.

Brought to you thru the endless magic of OpenGL!
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Note: You have to see this in motion to enjoy it!

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