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Download The Full Versions Now!
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This is the MAC OS X version.
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Cupid's 3D Valentine's Day Screensaver for Mac OS X

Version 1.1 for MAC OS X 10.3 or higher - 29/01/2008
Robert Bennett

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It takes endless hours of work to produce nifty 3D screen savers at the high quality you have come to expect from Useless Creations, and all we ask in return is a very small fee! Compare it to other places, and we're sure you'll agree that you get far more bang for your buck right here! Without your support we wouldn't be able to keep bringing you screensaver after nifty screensaver, which includes our cool free offerings as well as our even cooler shareware stuff. So as long as you keep supporting our work, we'll keep working tirelessly to help you avoid doing any work by watching your screen for hours on end!

When you register the Cupid's 3D Valentine's Day Screen Saver, you get:
The full, registered, unrestricted version of one of the niftiest screensavers on the planet!
A way to gaze at your Valentine (or simply someone you like to gaze at!) in a loving manner without having to stalk them and peep in their window!
No picture limits! The full version lets your slideshow display as many pics as you have in the folder, not just the same one over and over!
No nag screens! Nothing pops up at the start, nothing pops up in the corners, nothing pops up at all. All you get is the action!
But more importantly, you'll help support Useless Creations, which means I'll be able to keep developing nifty screen savers for Mac OS X!

All this for just US$5! How can you resist?!

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To get to the screen saver settings go to System Preferences, then Desktop and Screen Saver, select this screensaver and slick on Options.

The following configuration options are available. (It is recommended that you play with the options to find what runs best on your Mac and what you think looks best):

Background Type: You can now select the type of background that is displayed behind the floating hearts. You can set it to grab your current screen, use your current wallpaper, which will load just your current wallpaper as the background for the screen saver, use a blank coloured screen, or display a slideshow of your images, which will load random images from the path your provide. Using your current wallpaper, or loading a random image, may actually make the screen saver run faster on some machines because the image will be scaled down to a lower resolution, but when it grabs your current screen it tried to keep it at your current resolution. So if you have speed issues, try loading an image or using your wallpaper instead. Your Valentine is the star of the show, so the slideshow is recommended. Please note that there may be a slight pause as the screen saver loads each image.
Selected Background Colour: Click in the box to select the colour you want the background to be if you have selected the blank background or slideshow options as your background type.
Display Countdown To St. Valentine's Day: With this turned on a countdown to February 14th of the current year will be displayed.
Path To Load Your Images From: Clicking this will open up a dialog for you to select the folder that contains your jpg, gif and png images that you want to be displayed in your slideshow. Remember in the trial version only one of your pictures is displayed, but in the full version it randomly changes them.
Delay Between Changing Images: Set's how long each picture in the slideshow is displayed before it changes to another one. Please note that in the trial version only 1 image is displayed, and then it switches to an annoying message, so this option only has an effect in the full version.
Stretch Images To Fit Screen: With this turned on the pictures in the slideshow will be sized to cover the screen (while maintaining the correct aspect ratio), with this turned off the pictures will be displayed in their normal size in the centre of the screen.
Number of Hearts: Set how many hearts are floating around the screen. Setting this lower may speed up the screensaver on slower machines.
Transparent Hearts: With this turned on the hearts will be partially see-thru, so you can see the background pictures through them. Turning this off means the hearts will be solid, and can speed up the screensaver on slower machines.
Allow Collisions: Turn this on if you want the hearts to bounce off each other. Turning this off means they will go through each other, and it may run faster on slower machines with it turned off.
Selected Heart Colour: Click the box to bring up a colour selection dialog that lets you choose what colour you want the hearts to be.
Random Shades of Pink/Red: This overrides the above setting and displays the hearts in random shades of pink and red.


It's easy! Put all the jpg, gif and png files you want to display in a folder somewhere on your Mac and remember where you put them.

Now go to the screensaver settings as explained above.

Once on the settings screen for Cupid's 3D Valentine's Day Screensaver, select "Slideshow of Your Images" from the drop down box labelled Background Type. Then the Slideshow Options below will be activated. Now click the big button next to "Path To Load Your Images From:".

A dialog box will open up that lets you select a folder. Find the folder with your images in and select it. Then click Open.

And that's it. If you have selected a folder with the correct type of images in it (jpg, gif or png) the screensaver will now display them. You can now set the picture delay and other options to whatever you like!

The idea is to display images of your Valentine, but displaying images of Angelina Jolie or the Queen of England is also acceptable. You can basically display whatever you like.

Please Note: In the trial version, only 1 of your images will be displayed, but in the full version it will randomly display any of the images in the selected folder. There may be a slight pause as each image is loaded.

Release Notes

A while back I had a lot of people asking me to make them a nice, sappy Valentine's Day screensaver, but at the time I was busy working on other stuff, so I never got it done. A year later I had what I think is a pretty cool idea, I made a really cute 3D Cupid, and I decided I no longer had any excuse not to make a good Valentine's Day screensaver. And here it is on the Mac!

Cupid flies around shooting 3D hearts. It sounds more simple than it was to make, believe me! But I also figured that the real star of Valentine's Day isn't Cupid, it's whoever you happen to have as your Valentine. So I've made it so you can display images in the background of the screensaver, with the action happening in front of them (see instructions above). It could also be used to display your collection of ACDC images, if you're a fan of ACDC. Or images of the person your stalking. Or even better, images from your wedding. Or anything else you want!

As always, if you spot any bugs let me know.


Version History

v1.1 - 29th January, 2008 - Leopard Update
Added Screen Grab Detail option so if you have problems with the screen grab background you can set it to a lower resolution so it uses less memory.
Leopard (OS X 10.5) and some older versions will give the screensaver a black screen to capture when the screensaver password option is turned on. The screensaver now attempts to detect this and display your wallpaper image instead, so that you don't just get the black screen OS X is trying to display!

v1.0.2 - 23rd January, 2007 - Bug fix
Fixed the problem with loading images that have upper case file extensions.

v1.0.1 - 26th January, 2006 - Universal Binary
I have re-written and re-built this as a Universal Binary. It should work on PowerPC Mac's running OS X 10.3 or higher, and now Intel Mac's aswell.

v1.0 - 6th January, 2006 - Original Mac Release
Realtime 3D display featuring Cupid shooting arrows at 3D hearts.
Option to display images of your loved one in the background.
Option to display your current desktop in the background.
Load of other configurable options.
Countdown timer to Valentine's Day.

Brought to you thru the endless magic of OpenGL!

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Example of Desktop background:

Example of blank background:

Example of picture background, if the Queen happened to be your Valentine:

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